When the summer heat is beating down, you need somewhere to stay cool. Often, that means sitting and relaxing in your home with the AC cranked on.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of beating the heat with the help of your air conditioning unit. That is, until the energy bill comes and a part of your soul is taken with the costs.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make your unit more energy efficient so you don’t have that sinking feeling when you open your energy bill?

The good news is you can make your home more energy efficient by following the tips we have ready for you. Are you ready for it? Keep reading for helpful tips on making your home cooler for cheaper!

Check your Filter

When was the last time that you had the air filter checked in your in your home? You should be checking in on it every month to see if it needs to be replaced and doing so as needed.

During this time of year, allergens and dust float around your home more freely and that can cause the filters to become dirty more frequently. With a dirty and clogged filter, your unit will have to work harder to supply your home with cool air.

Keep your filters clean and your AC unit will continue to hum along perfectly.

Keep your AC in the Shade

Picture that it’s hot outside and let’s say you’re mowing your lawn. When you hit the shaded parts of your yard, doesn’t it feel a lot nicer to work there than in the blazing sun?

If this example is too familiar to you, think about your poor AC unit. It too has to work tirelessly in the sun and will expend more energy by not being cooled down in the shade.

Create some shading for your unit and start benefitting from a more efficient unit today.

Check for leaks

Do you remember being a child and your parent yelling at you to close the door because you aren’t cooling the neighborhood? Well, as weird as it sounded it at the time, you understand it more now as a bill-payer, don’t you?

Cooling the neighborhood goes beyond just leaving a door or window open and wasting that sweet cool air. This can also happen even if the doors and windows are closed.

Every few months should be a great time to make sure that your windows, doors and any other openings are leak-free.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Just like regularly changing the oil in your car, scheduling our professional team for routine maintenance on your AC unit is a great idea.

These appointments will keep it running better for longer. We’ll be able to see any potential problems with your unit to save you the trouble that would come further down the road.

Contact us or call us directly today at 540-662-9706 in Winchester or 540-635-9706 in Front Royal for top-grade service and installation for all your heating and cooling needs.