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My House Won’t Hold The Heat

Nothing can be more frustrating than to find your home cold and frosty on a winter day. What if you call a furnace repair technician only to be told the obvious? Well, that’s an absolute waste of money!Your heating system may not warm up your home...

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Heating System Repair And Maintenance Checks

With temperatures plummeting to freezing lows, the last thing you may want is to find your heating system bail out on you! The unexpected repair or maintenance cost can be enough to ruin a few weeks, but the added discomfort of an icy-cold day or night can...

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How To Achieve Cleaner Air In Your Home

It doesn't matter if you are indoors or outdoors, the quality of the air you breathe has a lot of impact on your health. If the experts are to be believed, the air inside your home is two to five times more polluted than the air outside it. And since you spend most of...

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Ways To Raise Or Lower The Humidity In Your Home

The humidity in the air plays a crucial role in maintaining your health. Low humidity results in dry skin and respiratory issues, while high humidity causes condensation in the home, causing a musty odor and moldy bathrooms. That’s why it is important to...

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Cozy Winter Evening Ideas

It happened again. There is a massive snowstorm outside, and now you are stuck at home, wondering what to do as you wait for the bad weather to pass. But it doesn't have to be a drag! Especially when there are many fun activities at hand!  If you...

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Space Heater Safety Tips

Nowadays, it is quite common for most households to have space heaters. Portable space heaters not only take up less space but are also convenient because of their size. However, they are not the safest way to heat your home. Portable space heaters come...

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Why You Should Clean Your Humidifier

If you live in a cold, dry area, you probably have a humidifier that’s been sitting in your closet all summer, waiting to be used during the cold winter months. Before you drag it out to use it again, take a look at this article. Did you know that using a...

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How To Keep Cool With No A/C

Have you ever woken up during the night, drenched in sweat? Then you realize that your air conditioning is broken or just about to break? We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Nothing is worse than trying to survive a hot summer night with no air...

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What To Know About Your Annual HVAC Maintenance

Your furnace and air conditioning unit need to be inspected annually to keep your home and family safe. If they aren't examined regularly, they could cause you thousands of dollars in damage. That would not be a fun withdrawal to make from your bank...

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When Should Your HVAC Be Replaced?

Is your unit more than 10 years old? Is the air conditioner or heater running for extended periods of time? Is your energy bill higher than you think it should be? Is it no longer keeping you comfortable? It can be difficult to tell when your heating or...

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