It’s almost summer, and it’s getting hot! And to beat the heat, home cooling is going to be at the top of your energy consumption activities. This means, besides the weather, your mounting monthly utility bills can also make you sweat in worry!

While making people languish in discomfort is certainly not a solution to decrease your energy consumption bills, what you can do is maximize your unit’s cooling efficiency!

Here are 6 simple tips that can work to improve AC performance and help you enjoy a cool and comfortable home for significantly lower utility bills.

1. Keep Your Doors And Windows Shut

Your unit works hard, cooling the air present in your home. Don’t add to its labor by keeping windows and doors open and letting the cold air escape outside! If you are dusting your home and need proper ventilation, shut your AC down before you swing open your doors and windows.

2. Keep Your Blinds And Curtains Drawn

Daytime temperatures can go above the average. When sunrays fall on your windows and warm them up, your AC will have to work harder to combat the constant heat entering your home. Make sure to keep your home or office shaded on hot days! Use awnings or plant trees outside your home in a way that they provide shade to your doors and windows. On the inside, see to it that your blinds and curtains are drawn in the heat of the day.

3. Look For Air Leaks And Seal Them Right

Inadequate insulation and air leaks are the biggest nuisances in just about every home or office. If your room has a significant air leakage problem, your HVAC unit will have to run longer to keep you cool and comfortable indoors. You can prevent cold air from leaking outside and the hot air infiltrating inside by plugging the leaks in your attic, near door, and window frames, in ductwork, as well as around the chimney and the utility outlets. You can also call in a professional HVAC technician like A-1 Cooling & Refrigeration for complete property evaluation to resolve the problem completely.

4. Clean Up Around Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

Maximize the air flow in your room by keeping your outdoor condenser unit clear of obstructions. Plants and anything that can hinder the air flow should be put at a distance of two feet away from the condenser. Also, your unit will work efficiently if the condenser is clear of dirt and debris. For a more thorough cleaning of your condenser, hire an HVAC professional for a safe and efficient cleaning job.

5. Don’t Put Heat Producing Appliances Near The Thermostat

Lamps, refrigeration units, and other appliances should not be kept near the thermostat. Thermostats can sense your indoor temperature and heat produced from your appliances will tell it that your room needs more cooling. Wrong directions from your thermostat can make your AC work longer than required.

6. Keep Your Vents Clean And Clear

Excessive dirt and debris in your indoor supply vents interrupt in maintaining an optimal airflow in your room. So make sure to vacuum your vents to keep them unclogged regularly. Also, prevent items such as blinds, furniture, and toys from blocking your vents.

Aside from performing these easy maintenance tasks in your home or office, your air conditioning unit also requires regular care to ensure optimal cooling. Schedule your professional maintenance services to have an efficiently working AC for the entire summer.

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