If you are a homeowner, you have a lot to check off your list this spring. But have you considered getting your AC serviced yet? Many people tend to put off this task until they are flooded with extra expenses, thanks to their malfunctioning air conditioning system.

One of the best ways to keep your AC running for years at its optimal condition is by servicing it at least once a year. This is especially recommended in the spring when you have just started using your AC again.

Why should you get your AC serviced?

1) Low Energy Bills
Like any other appliance, your AC unit’s lifespan depends on how you use it. By ensuring bi-annual tune-ups, you not only keep your unit up-to-date but also your bills under control. Remember, smooth functioning machines require less energy to operate. Regular tune-ups also help you detect minor problems at an early stage and resolve them before they get worse. You can cut up to 20% off your energy bills by merely keeping your AC unit maintained and serviced.

2) No Extra Expenses
When a trained professional inspects your AC, he not only looks for issues that have already occurred, but also for problems that may happen in the future. Hence, proper servicing guarantees less costly repairs for you. We recommend scheduling at least two inspections in a year – one in spring and other in fall.

3) Extended Life & Efficiency Of Unit
Believe it or not, annual maintenance can increase the lifespan of your AC by 30 % to 50 %. If your cooling system is maintained correctly, it can function for about 15 years, i.e., five years more than what you usually expect it to sustain for. In addition to providing longevity, regular maintenance also increases your AC’s efficiency by about 20%.

4) Maintenance Of Warranty
Many times, manufacturers decide to void any warranties attached to the AC units if an air conditioning system has not been maintained properly. This is because they know that the technical errors occurring due to improper care are not their fault. To make sure that such a situation does not happen, get your AC serviced by an HVAC technician every six months. You can do simple chores like cleaning and changing filters yourself and maintain their records.

How To Prepare Your AC?
Head into spring with comfort and safety by taking care of essential AC maintenance tasks. Our experts at A-1 Cooling & Refrigeration list the top-most tune-ups and maintenance requirements that every AC requires.

1) Inspect the outdoor unit panels and do the necessary repairs.
2) Remove coil blankets, condenser covers, or lids that you used in winter.
3) Check the insulated pipes for damages and repair and replace if needed.
4) Clean the existing filters. If they are not working, change them.
5) Remove any debris accumulated in the outdoor coils.
6) Properly clean the supply vents and return grills to remove buildups.
7) Clean the fins and straighten them for proper functioning.
8) Check up on the refrigerant to see if there is a leakage somewhere.
9) Inspect the bearings for wear and tear, and lubricate them.
10) Inspect fan blade and test capacitors along with electrical for any damages.

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