Summers are fantastic. The warmth of the sun outside beckons us to get out, spend some time absorbing the heat from the sun after a chilly winter season. However, on certain days, the temperature might rise to such heights that may be harmful to our bodies. It is dangerous because, with the increase in temperature, our body works harder to maintain the inner temperature. Our heart beats faster, and more sweat is produced to keep our body cool. At times, even these increased bodily functions are not enough to maintain cool body temperature.

Heatstroke and heat exhaustion are major concerns during the summer, and precautionary steps must always be taken to maintain good health. Here’s what you should do for good health and to keep your cool during summers.

Lots Of Water Intake

Dehydration is the major cause of many heat-related problems. If the temperature is high, water is your friend. Water intake is necessary throughout the day, and not only at the time when you feel thirsty. Drinking lots of water helps cool down your body temperature on a hot summer day.

Light Colored Dresses Are Perfect

Always dress for the weather. Dark colors may help add class to your personality but are not the right choice on a hot summer day. Dark colors absorb more heat than light colors; that’s why a person might feel hotter in dark clothes. Also, choose the fabric of your clothes wisely.
Breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen are the perfect choice for a hot day.

Avoid The Midday Heat

Temperatures are the highest during midday hours. Enjoy your activities either during the early hours before noon or after three in the afternoon, when the weather is slightly cooler. The sun is directly over us during midday, which raises temperature to rise, and the possibilities of sunburns and heat strokes increase. It is in your best interest to remain indoors during this time.

Avoid Heavy Activities

All activities like sports, gardening, and renovating during day time when the temperature is high must be avoided. Engaging in such activities drains a lot of energy on a hot summer day and must be avoided. Keep your self heavily hydrated if you engage in substantial events, or else you might end up having severe health issues.

Sunscreen Are Your Best Friend

On a hot summer day, your skin is exposed to a lot of heat from the sun. Skin damage caused due to overexposure of ultraviolet rays is evident. Sunscreen helps to prevent your skin damage by acting as a shield. Always apply the right amount of sunscreen lotion on your body before heading out in the sun.

Smaller And Colder Meals Are Essential

During hot days try and have smaller and colder meals like salads. Eating such meals provides your body with the right nutrition you need to get through the day while keeping your body temperature cool as well.

Summer days are fun, but some days you need to take a step back and prepare your self for extreme heat. Stay safe and take care of your body during these days by taking proper precautions. At A-1 Cooling & Refrigeration, we provide you with the cooling and refrigeration solutions you need to get you through a hot summer day at your place.