It happened again. There is a massive snowstorm outside, and now you are stuck at home, wondering what to do as you wait for the bad weather to pass. But it doesn’t have to be a drag! Especially when there are many fun activities at hand! 
If you are still wondering what to do to pass the time in winter, here are a few cozy winter evening ideas to help you! Get yourself into these engaging activities and make the most of your winter downtime!
1)    Cook up a storm
What can be more satisfying than indulging in your favorite food? You can cook as many recipes as you want or try out some new ones. It is also a perfect time to freeze up food like casseroles and stews that make quick homemade dinners when life gets busy. 
2)    Plan a movie marathon
Sort of a given on any winter day, a movie marathon might be the perfect indulgence for you.  Make a list of your all-time favorites and binge on them as you snuggle up on the couch. To step up your game, try a gourmet popcorn recipe.
3)    Get a good book to read
For any book lover, getting to stay at home and revel in a good read is no less than a heaven-sent blessing. You get to curl up under the sheets with one of the many books from your ‘to-read’ list and have a great time!
4)    Light up a fire
If you have a fireplace at home, a wintery day is a great time to light it up. Create a mini campsite next to it with comfy pillows, snacks, and games. For even more coziness, pull up a table and have a fireside dinner!
5)    Redecorate your home
You don’t have to spend a lot to give your home a new look! Just do the basics- move things around, rearrange your furniture, or find new ways to hang your photos. Go online and check out different DIY videos to come up with creative ideas!
6)    Find a quiet place to sit
When was the last time you were able to take a daytime rest? Amidst the hustle and bustle of your life, stealing some time off to catch a nap can be restorative. If you want, you can whip a cocktail of your choice, add small appetizers, and create your own ‘me’ time!
7)    Try out something new
Winter downtime is perfect for you to learn something new. It can be anything – knitting, crocheting, paper crafting, or clay molding. You’ll not only have a great time, but you can use them later as accessories in your daily life!
8)    Pamper yourself
Pamper yourself with an extraordinary bubble bath experience (include some light music, candles, and beverages!) or indulge in self-care with DIY beauty treatments. Making use of an avocado mask or a relaxing body scrub is a great way to beautify and rejuvenate!
9)    Catch up with family and friends
Get in touch with the friends and loved ones that you’ve been longing to talk to over the phone or Skype! It will instantly brighten your mood and make your day a lot better!
Remember, an evening spent on yourself is never wasted! So do whatever makes you happy and have fun!