Spring is upon us! And what comes with spring? Cleaning! Whether you love or hate cleaning, this annual, and deep clean is necessary to keep your home clean and your family healthy. When it is time for you to start, make sure you don’t miss these items! It is easy to remember the obvious household items, but these can often get overlooked!

Bathroom fans

Wash the cover of your bathroom fans to keep it clear of the dust that is trapped in there. When the fan covers are dirty, the air blowing through the vent is picking up those particles and blowing them around the room. Just take it off and wash it with some soapy water when you notice it looks a little dingy.

Air filter

Your air filter’s job is to trap particles in the air from dust or allergens. It is essential to clean it or change it out once a month so that it can continue catching that junk to keep your air clean.

Air conditioning

Before the new season starts, make sure your air conditioning is running correctly. If it isn’t, make sure to get it checked out before it gets too warm!

Programmable thermostat

Consider installing or setting your programmable thermostat to save energy throughout the day. With this smart thermostat, you can set it to cool or heat on a schedule and usually from your phone or computer.

Duct cleaning

There could be all sorts of things hanging out in your ducts. From dust to bacteria, to possible rodents, needless to say; you don’t want to be breathing that air in your home. Call a professional to have those ducts cleaned so you can breathe fresh air.

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