• Is your unit more than 10 years old?
  • Is the air conditioner or heater running for extended periods of time?
  • Is your energy bill higher than you think it should be?
  • Is it no longer keeping you comfortable?

It can be difficult to tell when your heating or air conditioning needs to replaced or just repaired. If you are experiencing these symptoms and answer yes to any of the questions, it will most likely need to be replaced.

Weird noises

Is it making weird noises or simply getting louder? A part could be loose and need to be repaired or replaced.

Energy bill

If you’ve noticed a significant increase over the last few months, your unit isn’t running as efficiently as it should. Because of that, it is taking longer to heat or cool which will run up your bill. A new system will be more efficient and save you money in the long run.


If you are repairing your units more than once a year, a warning bell should be going off in your head. The more work that goes into your HVAC decreases its lifespan. Take a look at the repairs you’ve done recently and if you realize it’s too frequent, give us a call.

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