Have you ever woken up during the night, drenched in sweat? Then you realize that your air conditioning is broken or just about to break? We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Nothing is worse than trying to survive a hot summer night with no air conditioning.

If you have found yourself with no A/C and unable to get it fixed yet, here are a few tips to surviving the nights.

Change Your Sheets

What sheets are you sleeping on right now? If they’re lightweight cotton, leave them there! Cotton is an excellent choice because it is breathable and provides ventilation in your room.

Dress Appropriately

You can stay cool by dressing in light clothing. If you are a woman, dresses are much cooler than pants, so a nightgown or something similar would be a good idea.

Keep The Heat Out

Keep blinds closed during the day to prevent your home from heating up and trapping the heat inside.

Stay Hydrated

It is essential to drink plenty of water to keep yourself from being dehydrated. Drink enough water during the day, and it could be enough to bring your body temperature down a little.

Stay Low

As we learned in school, heat rises. So if your bedroom is on a top floor, consider moving down to the ground floor for the night.

Contact Us

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