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Is Closing the Vents in an Unused Room a Good Idea?

Is it better to leave the vents open in unused rooms? Or is it more efficient to close them off? Well! These are the most common questions people ask regarding their HVAC system. You may have heard many times that you should close the vents and shut the...

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Is My Gas Furnace Running Too Much?

What is a Normal Cycle Length? This is not necessarily a simple, straightforward answer since it mostly depends on two factors: The temperature outside and the temperature you set on your thermostat. When the weather is mild, and the temperature on your...

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Getting your Home Ready for the Coming Winter Season

Before you know it, the cool and crisp feeling of fall will turn into bitter cold and snow on the ground. There are many ways that you can get ready for the winter season. Take some time this week to get your home ready for winter in the following ways:...

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The Phase-out of Freon (R-22) and your HVAC System

The refrigerant is what makes the air coming from your air conditioner cool. However, most air conditioners 10 years or older use an air conditioning refrigerant called R22. This type of refrigeration is no longer being used, and we want you to know what...

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Keeping your home at the Right Temperature

The summer is filled with hot and long days. Imagine for a moment that you have been outside for a majority of the day and you get home. You’re ready to sit back and relax in your home, only to find that it’s just as hot inside because the air is turned off. Have you...

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Make your Home’s AC Unit more Energy Efficient

When the summer heat is beating down, you need somewhere to stay cool. Often, that means sitting and relaxing in your home with the AC cranked on. There is nothing quite like the feeling of beating the heat with the help of your air conditioning unit. That is, until...

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